Israel Rudeness in the United Nations

Nov 14, 2022 09:36 am

Israel rudeness in the United Nations by the lead of the Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan set a new record at the end of this week. This came in response to the adoption of the Palestinian project resolution on the day before yesterday to request from the International Court of Justice "ICJ" to decide whether the occupation of the areas is still temporary or it has turned into de facto annexation, which is a decision that can lead to recommendation for penalties.

Erdan said that Israel would prefer dialogue between the parties to unilateral intervention of the Court in the peace process (but which process?), and that every State that supported this resolution "killed every opportunity for reconciliation" (what a paradox it in choosing terms!). He added that "ratification on the request will give the Palestinians full justification for continuing to boycott the negotiating table" (where is this table?) Erdan then moved on to threating: "unilateral steps for the Palestinians will be answered unilaterally", and the great conclusion: compared to going to court with the use of the "weapon of mass destruction", is no less

In the past, Erdan promoted that boycotting the colonial settlements is like boycotting Israel itself, and settlements and Israel are a one single legal entity. Court would use all of that as evidence in favor of the Palestinians' claim of effective annexation of Israel, and Erdan would be summoned by the Palestinians to the witness stand.

The idea of negations with Palestinians has turned to rejected among the Israeli public. It would also divide and weaken the Palestinian leadership which could have been the partner in the negations. Israel has no reason to deny the Palestinians' request to acknowledge this, on the contrary, it is its chance to justify annexation in Lahai.