Politicians Recommend Establishing Incubator to Support Resistance in West Bank

Mar 21, 2023 10:10 am

Political representatives of Palestinian factions recommended the necessity of reinforcing the resistance in the occupied West Bank. Along with establishing a unified leadership for it, and forming an incubator to support all resistance fighters. Furthermore, the internal chaos within the Israeli entity can be used to reinforce this support.

This was covered during a political symposium on "The Future of the Palestinian Resistance in the Occupied West Bank," which was hosted by the PALM Strategic Initiative Center, on Sunday. The symposium was attended by politicians, intellectuals, writers, and human rights officials. The symposium discussed the situation of the resistance in the occupied West Bank, in light of Netanyahu's new extremist right-wing government, and its increasing crimes against the Palestinians, especially in the West Bank. 

According to Tareq Ezzeldin, the Islamic Jihad Movement spokesman in the occupied West Bank, resistance should continue as long as the occupation does. In the face of this occupation, which seeks to Judaize Palestine, he said, there is no other option but steadfastness. Ezzeldin reaffirmed that the West Bank's primary function is demonstrated by its direct influence on the Israeli entity, as well as by its blatant conflicts with the occupation's settlements and borders. Also, the development of resistance contributed to the current mobility on a global and regional scale, which is seen in Sharm Al-Sheikh summit and Aqaba summit.

Said Bishārāt, an expert on Israeli affairs, emphasized the importance of understanding the unstable internal status of the entity, paying attention to conflicts over judicial change, and using it to strengthen the resistance. He continued by saying that the issue of the Supreme Court's authority is not a new one. Consider the recent large Haredi protests against the military recruitment regulations and financial allocations. confirming that it is an unstable entity from the inside.

The majority of Palestinians oppose the Palestinian Authority because it still cooperates with the occupation in terms of security, according to Dr. Ahmed Shikaki, a lecturer at the media faculties of Palestinian universities. In a same vein, a recent poll of Palestinians revealed that 63% of them support the elimination of security coordination and 77% disapprove of either President Mahmoud Abbas' policy or the Palestinian Authority's current course of action.

According to Hamas leader Yassin Rabie, Palestine should now be known as the "state of million prisoners," because the number of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons since 1967 has surpassed one million. The Israeli occupation forces detain 20–30 Palestinians on a daily basis, in order to weaken the Palestinian resistance.

Rabie continued by stating that the Saif Al-Quds Operation, also known as Operation Guardian of the Walls, was a significant turning point in the Palestinian resistance. Whatever resistance works  transpires in the occupied West Bank is the outcome of the resistance efforts in Gaza, providing a brief vision of Palestine's liberation.

At the end of the symposium, attendees commended its recommendations, stressing the need to reinforce the resistance in the West Bank, and support the steadfastness of Palestinian prisoners.