75 Years Since the Nakba, and the Struggle Continues

May 09, 2023 10:10 am

Tayseer Muheissen

Palestinian Academic and Political Analyst

It has been 75 years since the Israeli occupation state was established on the historic Palestinian lands. Seventy-five years have passed, and the Palestinian people is still being displaced and its lands and resources are still being stolen under great support and conspiracy by the great powers, especially the United Kingdom. The Israeli occupation “state” commemorates its establishment, while the Palestinians remember the Nakba that cost them their lands, possessions, and resources. Scattered in refugee camps across the world, the Palestinians are still waiting for the free world to treat them fairly and give them their rights back. 

During the past three decades, the Israeli occupation state has worked to neutralize Arabs and Palestinians, trying to push them to give up armed fight for freeing their land, under the pretext that conflicts must be resolved peacefully. The occupation, in fact, managed to succeed in its plans under various names, the last of which is what it called Abraham’s Accords. The Accords are a means for “Israel” to normalize its relations with the Arab States, just as it managed to put aside the official Palestinian leadership through peace treaties. However, the question remains: Did “Israel” achieve its goals? Did the Palestinians achieve the right to self-determination that is constantly promoted by the international community? 

On-the-ground evidence indicates that the state of “Israel” has not achieved the slightest degree of peace in the region, nor has it achieved its most valued objective; security. Until this day, “Israel” still applies the principle articulated by Golda Meir when she said, “If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no more violence. If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no more Israel”. Therefore, “Israel” strikes anywhere in the Arab World to assassinate and hunt down Arabs under the pretext of maintaining its security, without any will to enable the Palestinian people to achieve its aspirations of an independent state, in a clear double standard treatment. 

The long-lasting injustice to which the Palestinian people has been subjected since the establishment of an Israeli occupation state on its land is a living proof of major deformity in the international humanitarian values and in the international system formed to give people their stolen rights back. Such system has been incapable of effecting its explicit standards on the rights of the Palestinian people, especially the right to return and the right to self-determination. It is unable to stop the crimes of the Israeli occupation state against the Palestinian people or adopt operational mechanisms to enable the Palestinians to retrieve their rights and build their independent state. 

Decades after the Palestinians’ Nakba and the establishment of an “Israeli” state on their land, the Israeli occupation state and the entire world must understand that the Middle East and the world will never know peace until the Palestinian people regains its rights. They must know that all modern means of power owned by the occupation state and used to violate the Palestinian people’s lands and holy places will never grant “Israel” the peace it aspires, as the Palestinian people will always fight back the tyranny of the occupation with its limited capabilities, because the Palestinians have a strong will and have deep faith in their cause. Palestinians are confident that their right to live in security under an independent state that expresses their identity and aspirations will be inevitably achieved.

The Palestinians, similar to all peoples subjected to occupation throughout history, continue their national struggle, despite the sacrifice they have to make due to lack of capabilities in the face of the “Israeli” power. The Palestinian people will never stop fighting, and will always rely on its faith in its rights and on the support of all free peoples that do not tolerate injustice and that back the Palestinians’ right to an independent state on their land. Therefore, it is clear that after all these years since the Palestinians’ Nakba and the establishment of the Israeli occupation “state” on their land, “Israel” has not achieved any degree of stability, nor has it succeeded in making the Palestinian people surrender or give in to the status quo created by the occupation.