The Title of the Current Struggle with 'Israel' is the West Bank

Jun 11, 2023 01:34 pm

Dr. Ahmad Alshaqaqi
In light of the failed settlement project, Palestinians -along with all of their segments and political components- emphasize that the best method to adopt in this phase is resistance. This comes in parallel with the fact that the official Palestinian state cannot identify the current shape of conflict with the Israeli occupation and tends not to comment on the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. Additionally, it practices security coordination in the West Bank in order to blockade the Palestinian resistance and its fighters, despite their political orientations. 

Over 50% of the Palestinian people do only support resistance, but rather the armed struggle, according to figures issued by independent Palestinian centres to measure the public opinion. Therefore, this highlights the deep popular rally around resistance and its methods, most notably the armed struggle. 

The Palestinian resistance appears to be dynamic in the occupied West Bank, as it constitutes the depth of the Zionist doctrine based on its consideration as the Judea and Samaria. Consequently, the military and security organization of the Israeli occupation fears the increase of resistance work, committed to quantitative and qualitative targets. The Palestinian resistance also managed to achieve three fundamental variables: the pro-resistance popular environment, breakthroughs by Palestinian individuals, and military formations by resistance forces; thus, Indicators imply a notable increase in the resistance activity in the West Bank.

The basic variables of the resistance activity in the occupied West Bank can be apparently noticed, enabling observers and followers to realize that there is a remarkable change within the political and field context in the occupied West Bank. Therefore, all efforts exerted by the Israeli occupation in order to change the Palestinian mindset have fallen short, with the help of international, regional and local bodies. This refers to the fact that Palestinians have reached a conviction that the negotiation project with the occupation will bring nothing but humiliation, and the youths of the West Bank have started to commend the performance of the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, they aspire to replicate this experience in the West Bank, despite the propagation exported by official Palestinian voices concerning that this is a reflection of Hamas' rule in the occupied Wes Bank. 

The growing anger resulted from the ongoing Zionist crime in the occupied West Bank and the increasing killing operations against Palestinians should be highlighted. As the current Israeli government continues to practice the policy of killing and displacing Palestinians, approximately 950 thousand illegal settlers are inhabiting the West Bank and eastern Al-Quds. 

Second, the breakthroughs launched by Palestinian individuals to carry out unique resistance operations confuse 'Israel' and its security organization, and impedes its ability to obtain any information related to those youths' intentions in light of the limited knowledge of their desires to implement resistance acts. This context is relatively different from the reality practiced by the Palestinian resistance factions previously, which was dependent on joint work and related to the readiness of resistance cells formed of groups, in which each member has specific tasks. The Israeli occupation has thus always attempted to break the communication circles amongst groups in order to surrender them and their reachability.  

Nonetheless, such individual actions cannot be read away from the traditional bodies of the Palestinian resistance for diverse factors. Most importantly, the resistance environment which generates fighters. Thus, the approach of individual works can be a path that implies a kind of surprise practiced by the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation, especially in the occupied West Bank. 

Third, the military formations are a quite important issue that reflects the level of development witnessed by the resistance forces in the West Bank. It is true that formations are still in the beginning of their knowledge and their role is limited in this phase to countering any Zionist attacks against Palestinian towns and camps in the West Bank. However, the Israeli occupation is talking about some consequent attempts to develop its tools, weapons and initial rocket experience in northern the West Bank. This point, in specific, will trigger the occupation to fight the resistance formations, realizing the danger that might be caused by such intentions to the heart of the Israeli occupation. This might also be connected to the recent aggression on Gaza, which commenced by the assassination of Palestinian leaders, in charge of the resistance file in the occupied West Bank.