Minister of Defense

Aug 09, 2023 03:40 pm
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Haaretz – Adapted


In recent months, the Ministry of Defense's and its leader's situation has reached an unparalleled low point. Yoav Gallant, the minister of defense, is qualified, knowledgeable, and wise. However, the political circumstances that have prevented him from serving weaken the Israeli army, exacerbate local turmoil, dissolve the reserve army, and badly affect the security of the state.

The reserve soldiers have followed through on their warning of non-compliance since the Law on the Reduction of Unreasonableness was passed. The army asserts that efficiency has not yet been harmed, even though many others seek to do so later. However, characteristics like togetherness and morale that are just as vital have taken a beating. The refusal would not stop the reserve soldiers and would also spread to the men on permanent and regular duty, as even the minister of agriculture, Avi Diechter, warned yesterday.

Not just Levin and Smotrich will weaken the Minister of Defense. Also, the Haredi parties expect a recruitment law that would treat pupils in religious schools on par with Israeli army soldiers.

The biggest threat right now is an internal one, so the minister of defense must stop the deterioration, demand that he retake control of the civil administration, and put an end to the systemic coup d'état. This is because when the government undermines the judicial system, encourages settlers to riot in Palestinian villages, and attempts to equalize the status of students at religious schools with that of soldiers who risk their lives, the internal threat becomes the biggest threat. Although it will definitely lose him his job, state security is more crucial.