The Main Issue That Poses Threat to Israel

Aug 20, 2023 07:32 pm
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Haaretz – Adapted

If Iran reached the nuclear bomb under the current regime, Israel will be at serious risk. The balance of nuclear terror is facing a radical regime with satanic ideologies, that is ready to do anything to maintain its existence. Therefore, our future is in real danger.

I do not disagree based on the facts and difficulties surrounding the attack on Iran, and there is currently no international legitimacy, especially from the United States. These facts are concerning; these dangers will multiply exponentially when Iran possesses an effective nuclear weapon.

It should be clarified that Iran can now enrich enough uranium for military use within two months. However, uranium enrichment is not considered a nuclear weapon. None of us knows when Iran will unveil a nuclear weapon. Furthermore, we do not know if Iran has succeeded in completing the detonation device, miniaturization process, and high-speed acceleration required for an effective nuclear weapon. Whether this will happen within a few months or years, what is certain is that as we are preoccupied with the judicial coup, protests, and the fight against Palestinian terrorism, this deadline is approaching

The division among the people on issues of judicial legislation and equality in bearing the burden occupies all public attention. It is forbidden to overlook the fundamental, tangible threat facing Israel. We cannot withstand this national challenge without national unity. Calm is required in current political confrontation matters to make decisions on major war issues thoughtfully, with broad consensus, and through shared destiny.