The Negotiation That Hamas Believes In

Sep 13, 2023 08:25 pm
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The negotiation between Hamas and Israel was the fundamental topic of the meetings and seminars convened recently in the Palestinian arena. Furthermore, talks revolved around the art of negotiations led by Hamas with the Zionist entity, albeit indirectly and through a mediator. There have been various speculations and analyses regarding this matter as if Hamas were negotiating with the occupation, even if through a mediator, on political issues.

It should be noted that political negotiations between two parties are usually the first step towards establishing political ties based on mutual recognition between the negotiating parties. Political negotiations concerning recognition between Hamas and Israel are thus entirely rejected. Hamas still neither accepts the idea of recognizing the occupation entity nor accepts its presence in the Palestinian territories. Rather, it believes in resistance through all means until the liberation of land, the return of Palestinians, and the establishment of the Palestinian state. Hamas' belief in this regard does not however go in line with political negotiations with Israel.

Hamas, indeed, has negotiated the Israeli occupation through Arab, Islamic or international mediations on issues that are unrelated to politics. The prisoner exchange deal is one of the most prominent of such issues. This deal left astonishing results, as at least 127 thousand prisoners, including prisoners sentenced to long-term imprisonment, were released, and Hamas managed to impose its conditions on the occupation during negotiations. It was also able to change some of the laws the occupation adhered to such as the bloody hand law.

As for negotiations on other issues, they had no relation to politics. For example, the negotiations that occurred between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Liberation Organization in Norway, and ended with the catastrophic Oslo Accords agreements. This agreement, whose consequences are chasing us to this day, included mutual recognition between both parties, yet the occupation did not commit to it. It rather works on reinforcing control over the West Bank, Judaizing Jerusalem, Annexing Al-Aghwar, and turning the Palestinian cities into cantons where communication is not easy. Recently, Netanyahu has stated, "There is no Palestinian country between sea and river." 

Furthermore, Hamas and Israel sometimes negotiate over some humanitarian claims such as the lift of the blockade and the entry of humanitarian aid for the Palestinian people. They sometimes negotiate over the assistance received by some countries like Qatar to support the Gaza Strip, which would have never been received without the efforts of Hamas in return for calm and peace required for preparation, development and power.

There will be no negotiations between Hamas and Israel in any political affairs like land sharing and recognition of the occupation as a result. The relationship between Hamas and occupation will be through guns and resistance, only.

Therefore, when discussing negotiations between Hamas and the occupation, it must be clear, whether it is conducted indirectly as it is happening today, or based on recognition of the entity. Hence, such negotiations will never take place, and both the entity and its leaders are aware of this fact, as are the Arab and Islamic regions. Negotiations for Hamas are only through resistance, and resistance alone, for the sake of liberation, return, and the establishment of a state on the entire land, no matter how long it takes.