Two Thousand Arab Citizens: Immediate Civil Disobedience is Required!

Oct 01, 2023 11:54 am
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The article discusses crime in the Arab community and mentions that around 2,000 Arab citizens have been killed since the beginning of the year 2000 in the occupied Palestinian territories. The majority of these deaths have been attributed to organized crime gangs within the Palestinian Arab community.

According to the author, the unwillingness of the Israeli occupation police and security apparatus to eradicate crimes in the Arab-Palestinian community in the occupied lands has left no option for us, but to struggle in all forms. He added that it is imperative to organize civil disobedience to save lives and secure the future for themselves and their children.

The main motive for the need for civil disobedience, the author emphasizes, is the racism present in the Israeli police, security agencies, and the political establishment.

He concludes by stating that the time has come to change the stage and prepare the community for long-term civil disobedience. It won't be an easy struggle, but it will mark the beginning of a new path in safeguarding the rights of Palestinian citizens.