Haaretz: The Israeli "National Fund" Steals Palestinian Lands

Oct 03, 2023 05:20 pm
Photo from archife


The Israeli "National Fund" continues to steal Palestinian lands in the West Bank in preparation for their annexation to the Israeli occupation, according to Haaretz newspaper.

The newspaper stated in its editorial that the "National Fund" has invested four million shekels in the last two years in a project to rehabilitate school dropouts. However, the funds allocated for the project were transferred to organizations that promote the establishment of settlement outposts.

The newspaper quoted a source in the "National Fund" as saying, "The number of supported farms in the West Bank within the 'Boys of Hope' plan is greater than the number of farms in the Negev or in the Galilee."

In the past ten years, Bedouin farms have transformed into one of the most widespread settlement outposts in the West Bank. According to a report by the 'Kern Nafot' organization a year ago, settlers had managed to control approximately 7% of the total Area C through 77 Bedouin farms, covering around 240,000 dunams.