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Israeli Practices against the Palestinian Presence in Al-Quds

Jul 05, 2020 10:52 am

Mohammed Abu Oun

Al-Quds is one of the holiest and most sacred cities of the world. It is famous for its religious and historical uniqueness. For Muslims, it is the first Qiblah, direction of prayer; the place from where the Prophet – peace be upon him – ascended, and one of the Masjids where Muslims should pray.

Since its occupation in 1948, Al-Quds has witnessed the establishment of Israeli settlements and attacks on the Islamic and Arab identity. The occupation increased its attacks in 1967 and the years that followed. It has attempted to change the demographic structure of the city, so it built more settlements, established more checkpoints, facilitated the settlers’ immigration to the city, and imposed more restrictions on the Muslim and Christian residents of Al-Quds.

There have been multiple Zionist projects which aimed to Judaize Al-Quds and to establish Al-Quds Al-Kubra (Greater Jerusalem) as the capital for the so-called state.  Settlements and compounds were established, the Apartheid Wall was built, great areas of Palestinian lands became under the occupation’s rule, and the city itself was isolated from other Palestinian cities.

This study highlights the most prominent Israeli violations and attempts to Judaize Al-Quds, and the efforts the occupation exerts to restrict and expel the people of Al-Quds. The study also proposes some steps and mechanisms to reinforce the steadfastness of the people of Al-Quds, and support them in facing and toppling the occupation’s plans to change the demographic structure of the city and expulsion of the native Arabs.