Occupation Crimes in West Bank: between Murbitun Nafeer and Resistance Threats

Apr 13, 2022 12:01 pm

Situation Report by PALM Strategic

The Israeli occupation continues its oppressive policies to escalate the situations in the occupied West Bank and Al-Quds. It continues to launch several campaigns of raids against the Palestinian villages and cities, implement operations of assassinations against Palestinian activists and resistance fighters. Hence, the brutality of its crimes intensified through assassinating civilians and women along the barriers in cold blood.

Within the same context, the severity of escalations in Al-Quds between the occupation forces and the extremist settlers' groups on one side, and the Jerusalemite Murbitun on the other aggravated. The main reason behind the escalation of the situations in the holy city lies in that the Jewish holiday intersects with the holy month of Ramadan, during which the colonial settlers seek to break into the yards of Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa and perform their rituals, provoking the Muslims' feelings.

During the past period, the arbitrary Zionist attacks generated a state of anger within the Palestinian community, whose people jumped to defend Al-Quds and Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa with their souls. Beside erupting confrontations with the Israeli occupation, the Palestinians' reactions extended to carry out shooting operations and clashes with the Zionist forces, which raid the Palestinian villages and cities in return. Also, that led some resistance fighters to implement individual operations in the heart of the occupied cities in 1948.

The Palestinian resistance operations and the people uprisings along the barriers and checkpoints have become a source of pressure on the Israeli occupation. It sought to threat to expand its circles of operations against the Palestinian civilians, in order to pressure the families of the resistance fighters  through arresting them and demolishing their houses, leading the resistance to send a message in which it confirmed that it will stay steadfast and will confront any Israeli aggression with all possible forces; with the possibility that those operations might escalate to include the resistance factions in Gaza.

Analysis and Insight of the Scene:

  • The Israeli crimes are an ongoing situation. Yet, they extend and shrink according to the circumstances and occasions of the occupation and its settlers, consistent with its social, political and military components.  
  • The Judaizational and settlement efforts of the settlers continue to restrict on the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, through attacks and desecration against Al-Quds and Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa. 
  • The aggressive practices of the occupation and its settlers are an incentive to make the Palestinian society revolt and to generate anger among Palestinians, who find themselves compelled to defend their lands and properties
  • The Palestinian resistance in the West Bank seeks to make the Israeli occupation pay a heavy price, despite all the prosecution and restriction, and to punish the occupation for its crimes despite the simplicity and primacy of its tools.
  • The resistance in the Gaza Strip stands as an observer of the Israeli crimes, with the possibility of intervening in case those crimes aggravated. However, it is not at present rush to intervene in order to give the West Bank more space for expansion and development.
  • The Israeli Government is aware of the sensitivity of the current events, either at the level of its relations with the far-right movement, or in response to the Palestinian resistance's reactions that may result from those violations. Thus, it tries to balance between both.



Situation Report: based on the abovementioned analysis and reading of the scene, the expected scenarios are as follows:

  1. The current state of friction might continue between the settler gangs; with protection from the Israeli occupation army, and the Palestinians who are ready to sacrifice their souls for the sake of their homelands. Also, the Palestinian resistance might continue to implement operations with the possible tools. What supports this scenario is the aggressive colonial ideological structure carried by the colonial settlers and the corresponding national feelings of the Palestinian citizens and the resistance groups.
  2. The tense state between the Israeli occupation and its settlers on one side, and the Palestinian resistance fighters on the other might stop through the Israeli official institute's efforts to curb the settlers' activities. This scenario is supported by the possibility that the situations might explode at any time as a result of those attacks.

Generally, the friction operations are expected to continue in accordance with the first scenario, especially in the light of the Israeli Government's rightest orientations and the cover given to the settler aggressions. But things are predicted to evolve if the incidents escalate in a manner that the occupation does not wish. For example, those attacks might roll into a state of widespread engagement involving the Gaza Strip, or the resistance operations in the occupied West Bank might escalate.