Guidebook on Pro-Civil and Political Rights Supporters in the U.S.

Apr 17, 2022 12:39 pm

Hewar Center, in collaboration with PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre, concluded the "Guidebook on the Most Prominent Media Outlets, Institutes, and Public Figures Supporting Political and Civil Rights in the United States" project.

This project, supervised by Hewar Center and funded by PALM, is considered as the first of its kind on the local level in this field. A group of researchers and translators have worked for 7 months on this guidebook, which eases the reachability and communication with the civil rights supporters and human rights defenders in the United States.

This guidebook aims to provide the largest number of lists and access keys for the most prominent media outlets, institutes and public figures calculated on the democratic parties in the United States, and to deliver them to all those concerned about the Palestinian cause.

The guidebook includes four sections: 1) U.S. Newspapers; 300, 2) U.S. Institutes; 300, 3) Arab and Islamic Institutes in the United States; 140, and the U.S. Public Figures supporting the Palestinian rights; 180. It also includes a briefing for every institute and personnel, and links of their websites to facilitate communication.

The closing ceremony was concluded by a group Iftar, with the attendance of the heads of human rights centers and research centers, journalists and academics to introduce the guidebook and its ability to influence on the Palestinian cause.

Dr. Ibrahim Al-Zaeem, the director of PALM, said that the main goal of this guidebook is to increase the solidarity with the Palestinian cause through providing facilitations for the journalists and ease their reachability for the human rights activists in the U.S. He also added that he hopes that the journalists benefit for this guidebook, especially with the occupation's ongoing attacks in Al-Masjid Al-Aqsa and Al-Quds. He also said that the situations in Al-Aqsa is still tense and need to covered and transferred for the whole world.

Dr. Hatem Abu Zaida, the head of the project, stated that significance of this guidebook lies in that it is the first of its kind that searches for human rights supporters in the American society. He also confirmed that the guidebook is marked by its simplicity and obviousness, facilitating the communication with the concerned bodies in a way that serves the Palestinian cause.

Moreover, Abu Zaida said that the guidebook is based on two theories. First, the American society is culturally, ethnically and politically diverse. Just as there are people reject the Palestinian right, there are those who support the civil rights and the Palestinian rights. Second, the nature of the American community, which witnessed a deep transformation during the past years, especially during the term of the former President Barak Obama.

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