PALM Strategic Takes Part in International Prisoners Conference

Apr 20, 2022 01:26 pm

PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre took part in an international conference entitled, "Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees from an International and National Perspective." The conference was held in Palestine University in Gaza for two days; April 17 and 18.

Nuha Eleyan, a journalist, represented the PALM Centre through its participation with a research entitled "Prisoners Issues in International Media: Problems of Speech and Solutions." She addressed the websites that belong to Arab-speaking foreign channels, which dealt with the "Freedom Tunnel" issue. Also, she concluded that the international media coverage of the prisoners' issue was weak, the foreign media attempted to deal with the prisoners' issue from a judicial perspective not from the resistance and prisoners' rights perspective, and that those international channels are completely biased to the Israeli occupation.

The conference was held on the anniversary of the Palestinian Prisoner Day, which marks April 17, to shed the light on the prisoners' suffering inside the Israeli prisons.

72 researchers from Gaza and other Arab countries, like Iraq and Algeria took part in the conference with prestigious scientific researches on legal, media, political, historical, literary, cultural, social and humanitarian fields related to the prisoners' issue.

The researches will be published on Palestine University's scientific journal to develop the presence of the prisoners' issues in all fields, changing the prisoners' stereotypes and using new tools to support this just cause.