Contacts between Israel and Tunisia, Algeria Tries to Frustrate them

Jun 09, 2022 08:04 pm

Adapted from Israel Today
Not only Saudi Arabia: Tunisia and Israel are also in diplomatic contacts for a possible rapprochement between them, but the move runs into difficulties on the part of the opposition in the North African State as well as its neighbor Algeria, which is trying to thwart it, as "Israel Today" noted. 

An Israeli source told "Israel Today" that "the expansion of the circle of states in the region with which we hold engagements is a consistent goal for us, but it is true that Algeria continues to display a hostile attitude." According to a report in the Arab international newspaper Al-Rai Al-Youm, Tunisian President Qais Said seeks to approach Israel, but "Algeria is a barrier to Tunisia's downfall in normalization." He also wrote that the authorities in Tunisia had interests with Algeria in the areas of energy, trade and financial funds - and they understood that they would lose all this if they came close to (Israel).

In addition, he learned that Algeria was preventing Israel from receiving observer status in the African Union and had embarked on a campaign to expel it from the Forum.

Tunisia is moderate and sophisticated
Between Israel and Tunisia, partial diplomatic relations were held in the past. Following the Oslo Accords, the two States opened interest offices in Tunisia and Tel Aviv in 1996, but these were closed after the outbreak of the second intifada in 2000.

Current President Said facilitated Israelis' visits to the State, but faced internal opposition for wanting to get closer to Israel. In the summer of 2021 against the backdrop of an economic crisis and allegations that the opposition was conspiring to govern, Said froze the work of parliament and dissolved the government, and in March dissolved parliament.

As Dr. Maryam Gaz-Avigel, President of the World Federation of Tunisian Jews (Israel), said that today, after the partial freeze of relations between the two States, Israelis enter Tunisia by the Israeli passport, albeit limited ".