Dimensions of the Failure of Israeli Mossad in Kuala Lumpur

Oct 19, 2022 01:59 pm
Kredit photos : Harian Metro

Malaysian media sources announced the success of the Malaysian Security Services in liberating a Palestinian expert in Information Technology after 24 hours of being kidnapped by a four-member group belonging to Mossad, claiming that he be belongs to the Palestinian Resistance in Gaza. Sources also mentioned that the kidnapping was on Saturday evening, Sep 28, while coming out from one of the hotels in Kuala Lumpur with his friend. 

According to sources, the Malaysian forces stormed that place where the expert was kidnapped, and caught the kidnappers while investigating him by the supervision of Israeli detectives via a remote communication application. It was also reported that the cell was consisted of 11 Malaysian citizens led by a 30-year-old women. They were recruited by the Israeli Mossad, which rehabilitated and trained them in several European countries, funded them, and assigned them to watch the Palestinian students and activists in Malaysia.

Israeli official sources refrained from commenting on such a failed operation, whilest the Israeli press tackled the Malaysian announcement regarding the operation with a great interest, indicating the weakening ability and efficiency of Mossad. Sources mentioned that it lacked the ability to act elegantly and professionally, and couldn't take the needed security measures to make the kidnapping operation succeed, reminding of the exposure of Mossad member in a former operation that targeted the martyr Fadi Al-Batsh in April, 2018.

Analysis and Reading of the Scene:
• The failed operation of Mossad is a strategic extension of the targeting series of Palestinian scientists and personnel in different places, without any kind of respect to the country they live in.
• The Israeli occupation and its security forces realize the importance of the Malaysian people towards the Palestinian cause, as Malaysia is an official and social incubator for the Palestinians and their right to resist. This leads the occupation to increase its security activities in Malaysia to fight such efforts.
• The Malaysian security forces constituted a vital element in failing the Mossad operation. This refers to the distinguished capabilities and the huge development of those forces. As a result, the Palestinian Ministry of Interior thanked Malaysia for its efforts to protect the Palestinian citizens in the Malaysian lands. 
• The way the Mossad operation was implemented indicates the Mossad's fear of sending Israeli forces to Malaysia to implement security operations there, or depending on local or foreign forces. 

Based on the abovementioned, following is expected:
Generally, the Israeli occupation and its security forces attempt to chase the pro-Palestine activities in all global arenas, and get ready to implement any operations of killing, kidnapping or torturing anyone that might support the Palestinian rights. This was translated by the Israeli security activities in the assassination of Fadi Al-Batsh and Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh.

Through implementing its security operations in some pro-Palestine countries, occupation seeks to pressure them to retreat from their supporting positions in order to maintain its security and safety in their lands.