No Regional Strategies to Calm the Tense Situations in the West Bank and Al-Quds

Feb 16, 2023 10:20 am

Following the international and regional visits to the Palestinian National Authority Headquarters in Ramallah and the occupation entity, it has been apparent that there are no long-term strategies or schemes to deal with the explosive situation in the occupied territories. Yet, there are dispersed schemes to achieve one goal represented in de-escalating tension in the West Bank and Al-Quds, and preventing the current intifada from turning into a full-blown one, affecting Gaza and the 1948 occupied lands.

The US administration claims that it is not concerned about any new wars neither at the Palestinian level nor at the regional one, as the Middle East is not within its priorities. Instead, it cares about East Europe and China. 

The US plans to de-escalate tension in the region are represented as follows: 

• To support the value of the Palestinian Authority and to enforce its security services in as a way that eases the confrontation of armed cells in the West Bank.
• To insert the Palestinian Authority in regional economic projects, as an alternative to the two-state solution vision. 
• To neutralize and separate the Gaza Strip from what is happening in the West Bank and Al-Quds.
• To provide the Palestinian Authority with international financial aids that would prevent its financial collapse and compensate it for its Netanyahu government's financial sanctions. 

Within the context of supporting the standing of the Palestinian Authority, the issue of uniting the Fatah Movement was brought up in a way that assures the return of the insurgent figures and mainstreams that were isolated or frozen. 

The US administration has also asked the Palestinian Authority to attend the 2nd Negev Summit, which will be held next March in Morocco. It is foreseeable that several regional economic projects ensuring the participation of the PA will be submitted. On the other hand, director of the Central Intelligence agency, has assigned the issue of Gaza to the Egyptian leadership. Also, The US secretary of State has asked the Kingdom of Jordan to reinforce its role in the West Bank and to interact with the Palestinian Security Institution.

Apparently, the American steps along with the regional regimes' efforts to besiege the intifada in the West Bank and Al-Quds and prevent the collapse of the Palestinian Authority are outdated. It is impossible to rehabilitate the Palestinian Authority and restore its control over northern the West Bank within the annexation and colonization projects. Yet, creating a Palestinian special force to encounter the resistance cells in the north of the West Bank is a naive idea as the Palestinian Authority does not take seriously.