Smotrich is the Minister of Settlers Not Finance

May 23, 2023 02:55 pm

Haaretz – Adapted

Tonight, the budget of 2023-2024 will be approved in the Knesset. It is about a poor budget that involves no growth, nor remedy for the high cost of living. 
United Torah Judaism alliance has recently obtained an increase of 250 million NIS in favor of the student of yeshiva, following the alliance stealing of 14 billion NIS from the public treasury. 

This originally happens when there's no finance minister. Bezalel Smotrich is the minster of settlements not finance, and when there's no a minister of finance, there will be no one who may ruin the borders and maintain the partisan . Each member in Knesset steals as much as he can, and Smotrich doesn't stop this phenomenon, instead, he supports it. 

There hasn't been a finance minister in a long time who is this partisan. This minister is only concerned with his league, which includes Haredim, colonial settlers, and religious education. All of these initiatives will make Israel into a poor, outdated religious entity. A poor entity where the economy is hanging in the balance will also push the investors away. 

On top of this, Smotrich ignores reality and has no background in politics or the administration. That is to say, he cancelled the speech by the governor of the central bank rather than responding to the warning documents that the senior finance ministers had presented. Additionally, he cancels the speeches  of 250 senior economists who had forewarned of the long-term political repercussions. 

Smotrich is a minister who neglects his duties and manages his ministry with excessive ego, despite all evidence pointing to a colossal disaster.