A Book Discussion Session Between PALM and Hewar Centers

Jul 26, 2023 01:06 pm

With the Hewer Center for Studies, the PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre held a session discussion to discuss a new book release. This book entitled "Guide to Leading Institutions, Newspapers and Figures Advocating for Civil and Political Rights in Western Europe," funded by the PALM Centre, in order to view the finishing touches of the book.

This book serves as an update to a prior project series. The current version, i.e., Part III, covers Western European States. Part I of this book was made to cover the United States of America, while Part II covered Northern and Southern Europe. There will also be Part IV, which will include various nations like Canada, Australia, and East Asia.

The project supervisor, Dr. Hatem Abu Zayda, stated that it is our responsibility to look for human rights activists and organizations and research places that support the Palestinian cause. This is for the sake of conveying the Palestinian narrative and the right message about the Palestinian cause and suffering to people in Europe, America, and many other countries.

He continued by saying that the project had been created by the Center to urge organizations that support the Palestinian cause to use these books and strengthen their advocacy for the cause. The amount of work had been enormous, and many of the tasks had been challenging, such as finding these organizations and people and convincing other parties to deal with those books in the right way, according to Zayda. He also added that, although the work had been extensive, the potentials and staff were inadequate.