The Editorial Committee Discusses the Second and Third Issues of the Journal of Al-Mubadara

Aug 07, 2023 02:47 pm

The members of the Editorial Committee of the Journal of Al-Mubdara have discussed the second issue of the journal, in the presence of Dr. Ibrahim Alzaeem, the director of the PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre.

The 5-member committee, headed by Dr. Zakaria Al-Sinwar, who serves as a Professor of History at the Islamic University, has discoursed the shape of the journal and how it will come out. They have also commended the quality of the published research, taking into account the notes mentioned during the meeting, which will contribute to improving the journal. 

According to the committee, the third issue of the journal has a specific part that primarily focuses on settlement. 

In conclusion, the Journal of Al-Mubada is a peer-reviewed journal, with the international standard serial number (ISSN). It is also issued in three languages: Arabic, English, and Malay, and provides an open-access publication for research articles.