Avi Plaut, the Leader of the Settlers' Gang

Aug 13, 2023 12:36 pm
Photo from archive

Haaretz – Adapted


It is not enough to discuss Saleil Smotrich, Tsvi Sokot, and the Youth of the Hills in order to comprehend the lunacy in the occupied West Bank. It is also necessary to discuss the Israeli army and Brigadier General Avi Plaut, who is in charge of the West Bank gang.

The West Bank gang is the structure that oversees the majority of military operations and gradually transforms into a settlers' division. Plaut belongs to this gang. He grows up in Nafeh Tesuf's illegal settlement, works as a teacher at Eli yeshiva, is extremist Jewish, resides in a religious illegal settlement, and is a father to six boys. Between his religious and settler identities and his military vision, there is perfect harmony in his thinking and behavior.

What is Plaut doing in Joseph's Tomb since the pointless night incursions in the heart of Nablus have long since evolved into a military operation that always results in Palestinian conflicts and martyrs. It will also always result in more soldiers being killed. Due to security concerns, the military commander must have a strategic incentive to prevent this, but for Plaut, the discussion is about an ideological will.

The number of martyrs is rising, particularly among children, as violence against Palestinians escalates rapidly. Thus, confrontations are always going to erupt. The use of Israeli army uniforms and weapons by hill rioters. Also, the army's refusal to withdraw dozens of violent outposts and guard posts decorated with hateful slogans and signals of retribution has led to the line between the Israeli army and the settlers' militia being erased.

Plaut is the start of the Land Army's present and future; whoever does not want him in the West Bank Division will get him in the Chief of Staff's office.