The Foreseen Meeting Between Netanyahu and Biden

Sep 18, 2023 09:11 pm
Photo from archive

Haaretz – Adapted

In Netanyahu's office, there was a wish that the meeting between Biden and Netanyahu, set for next Wednesday, would take place at the White House. However, the American administration decided that they would meet in New York. Jake Saliban stated at the conclusion of the week that one of the subjects to be discussed at the meeting between Biden and Netanyahu would be the common democratic ideals of the two governments. It's worth noting that the leaders will meet for the first time since Netanyahu's return to power last year.

In order to advance negotiations with Riyadh and Jerusalem before the US presidential elections in 2024, the US government is hoping to forge a historic deal between the two nations in the upcoming months. In order to strengthen his government's standing in Israeli and global public opinion, Netanyahu is also interested in taking action against Saudi Arabia. Senior members of the US administration maintain that an agreement cannot be reached unless the Palestinians make significant gains. They are concerned by recent comments made by senior ministers in Netanyahu's government, which suggested a lack of willingness to take any action to help the Palestinians.

In Saudi Arabia, they have recently spoken with Palestinian Authority representatives in an effort to put together a series of actions that will convince the Authority to support normalization between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli entity, or at the very least not oppose it as opposed to the " Abraham Accords."

While Netanyahu is in the USA, he is expected to face an Israeli protest living in America and American Jews opposing Israel's regime's coup laws.