Saudi Arabia Hosts a Meeting Promoting Two-State Solution

Sep 19, 2023 02:29 pm
Photo from archive

Haaretz – Adapted


The article reviews the meeting that Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan presided over on Monday in New York with representatives from thirty countries, including Egypt, Jordan, the United States, France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, mostly foreign ministers. This meeting was put in place to advance the two-state solution to resolve the conflict between the Israeli occupation and the Palestinian people.

According to the author, Saudi Arabia's decision to host the meeting is a signal from Riyadh about its attitude toward the Palestinian issue. This comes in the background of the ongoing discussions between Saudi Arabia, the United States, and the Israeli occupation about a potential agreement that would include normalization between the Israeli occupation and Saudi Arabia.

The Israeli occupation and the United States disagree regarding the Palestinian portion of this deal, according to the report. They make contradictory claims about Saudi Arabia's stance on the cause. In the United States, they claimed Saudi Arabia could only advance toward an agreement with the Israeli occupation if it also included significant accomplishments for Palestinians. In response, senior ministers in Netanyahu's government and the head of government publicly disregarded the Palestinian component of these meetings, stressing that they would not compromise.

According to the article's author, US President Joe Biden is expected to ask Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week whether his administration might extend goodwill to the Palestinian people in exchange for a deal with Saudi Arabia.