Saudi Nuclear is Less of a Hurdle to the Agreement than Israeli and American Policies Are

Sep 28, 2023 04:00 pm
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Haaretz – Adapted

In presenting the Saudi-American agreement, the writer states that for the first time, political and media debates about the developing agreement have been sparked by public statements made by the leaders of the United States, Saudi Arabia, and the Israeli occupation about progress in negotiations over the normalization agreement between Saudi Arabia and the Israeli occupation.

He continues by saying that while Saudi Arabia has asked the United States (indirectly from the Israeli occupation) for permission to develop a nuclear project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is debatable whether this would be a barrier to normalization. Political issues will be at the core of the issue, which involves both the US and the occupation.

The writer reviews the parties' perspectives and concludes that, despite significant opposition from the Republican Party and the left-wing of the Democratic Party, the US government requires wide congressional support. The impediment is the extremist right-wing when it comes to Israel. Likud members in the Knesset, such as Minister Bezalel Smotrich, Minister Ben Gvir, and some others, would oppose anything they considered to be a waiver for the Palestinian people.

He comments on the field developments in Palestine before drawing a conclusion. He demonstrates that while these developments have little to do with the development of the Israeli-Saudi negotiations, these negotiations may be affected by these developments.