Israel is an Entity of Spitting

Oct 06, 2023 07:43 pm
Photo from archive

Haaretz – Adapted

The article makes a note about how radical Jews have spit on Christians in Jerusalem, connecting the entity's "spitting" policy to the worldwide community. Although the author finds this repulsive, he questions: "What about the habit of spitting in the entity, which is one of its official languages? How can we describe Israel's interact with international when they have long criticized all of their decisions? 

The writer continues by saying that the Israeli occupation contradicts every report from a human rights group and the viewpoint of the vast majority of people on Earth. He further adds that because Israel plays the role of the lone victim in history, it is entitled to engage in this absurd behavior.

The writer concludes that Jews laid the foundation for the idea of transcendence; they do this with the entire world, playing the role of the victim.