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The Role of Palestinian Media in Resisting the Occupation

Dec 08, 2020 12:52 pm

Mohammed Awni Abu Oun


The Israeli occupation utilized its entire influential tools in achieving its objectives, building its entity, and making itself a reality in the center of the Arab and Islamic region. In addition, it used all forms of soft, harsh and military methods to finalize its project through controlling the mind and culture of the occupied, and trying to change the Arabs’ rejection of its existence through affecting the perspective of the Arabs towards it and its crimes.

The occupation’s objectives for using media as a tool for intellectual conquest varied long before 1948. The occupation aimed to address the internal communities (i.e. the Palestinians) inside the occupied lands, the external ones (i.e. the neighboring Arab countries), and the international public opinion.

Similarly, the Palestinian media structure bore huge responsibility defending the Palestinian people and rights, and awakening the national sense within the Palestinian and Arab societies in the fight against the Israeli propaganda. The Palestinian media followed up with the developments and advancements that occurred to the Palestinian people ever since the emergence of the concept of modern media. It used all sorts of media outlets - written, visual and audible - in order to serve the cause.

This study addresses the emergence and development of Palestinian media, its role in serving the Palestinian cause and fighting the occupation’s propaganda, and the occupation’s efforts to silence the Palestinian voice.