Fourth 'Israeli' Elections

The 'Israeli' community has been having a political crisis for about two years that led to the conduct of 3 elections in which none of the factions managed to cross the threshold and form a stable government. One of the reasons for the current political crisis is the split-up of high-profile figures from their parties and the formation of new competing ones which affected the number of votes they would have had. 

Insight of the Situation

PM Benjamin Netanyahu is racing against time in order to end his political life without having prison, for the accusations made against him, his final stop. He will attempt to head the entity which would grant him permanent immunity and help him end his political career with pride. 

The 'Israeli' community, which is conducting the elections for the fourth time in two years, has concerns over having to conduct a fifth round if the parties do not obtain the necessary votes. Nevertheless, the gaps which resulted from the three previous rounds have been well examined by the Likud, headed by PM Netanyahu, and will, therefore, be avoided this time.

Possible Scenarios:

  1. The Likud wins 30 seats in the Knesset, but without being able to form a right government. It would, then, enter into an alliance with other right parties and would be able to form a government with Netanyahu as its Prime Minister. This is more likely to happen.
  2. The votes are split among Netanyahu and his political rivals. No one concedes to the other, the elections fail, and they head to a fifth round of elections. 
Source : PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre