Electronic Picture Gallery between Palestine and Malaysia


The PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre held an electronic gallery in its office in Gaza and online with Malaysia. It displayed pictures that documented the most recent aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The Centre hosted the Palestinian photographers: Mohammed Assad, Momen Qraqi and Sanad Abu Latifa. They had taken the displayed pictures during the aggression, and explained each photo and their experiences.

Mr. Nadir Al-Nuri Qamar Al-Zaman, CEO of Cinta Gaza Malaysia, hosted the gallery which had tens of thousands of views from Malaysia. The live broadcast was streaming on the Facebook pages of the Malaysian coalitions My Aqsa Defenders and Aid4Palestine.

The journalists agreed on how difficult and dangerous their experiences were, but work integrity made it necessary to risk everything to show the world the true image of what was happening, since the language of pictures is understood by all peoples regardless of their languages and races. As usually said, "A picture is worth a thousand words". They explained that they worked hard to ensure the true image reaches the world, be it an image of pain or hope.   

The child Nadin Abdellatif, 10, also participated in the gallery and spoke about the difficulties the children had faced during the aggression. She said that all children in Gaza dream of a stable life so they would achieve their dreams.

She asked the Malaysian people to support the rights of the Palestinian people, and help them live in dignity without the destructiveness of the Israeli occupation.  

Nadin had witnessed the Israeli planes' bombardment of a home nearby her house, so she sent out the message in English in a video which went viral.


Source : PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre