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Israeli Parties and Right-Leaning Bias

Mar 31, 2022 12:37 pm


The political parties are the cornerstone of the Israeli political system, as they constitute the first building bloc of any election process until the formation of the 120th Knesset seats. The parties then heal anew to form the governmental coalition that leads the occupation state for four years as a complete electoral cycle. Thus, some parties fell within this coalition while some other move to form the opposition wing.

Those parties differ in terms of formation, ideology, and ethnicity. Accordingly, they are categorized according to political, religious, social and economic categorizations; yet the most essential category lies in the political perspectives of those parties; Right, Left and Middle. Probably, those perspectives are ideological.

The Rightest Israeli parties have been spearheading the Israeli political scene since the big coup against the Labor Party in 1977. Led by the biggest party "Likud", they continued to spearhead the Israeli political system during most of the period that follows the coup.

This study addresses the Israeli political parties and the shift to the Right-wing, starting from the political system and its shape, the parties' system and its formation, and the methods adopted to divide those parties. Also, it deals with the main reasons behind the disappearance of the gap between the Right and Left parties in the Israeli political system, and the most prominent results and recommendations of the study.

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