Prisoners Photo Exhibition in Malaysia

Apr 21, 2022 10:09 am

Waed for Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Association, with sponsorship from PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre, opened a photo exhibition for the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons in the Central Library of the International Islamic University in Gombak in Malaysia, in commemoration of the Palestinian Prisoner Day.

The photos embodied the suffering of the Palestinian men, women and children prisoners in the Israeli occupation prisons. The exhibition also included photos for the martyrs of the Palestinian Prisoner Movement, and caricatures, made by the artist Ummia Joha, that won international awards, and real scenes for the Israeli occupation's raids into the prisoners' cells and sections in the occupation prisons. Moreover, it included a model of Palestine's map, showing where the Israeli prisons are located in the Palestinian lands.

This unique photo exhibition was attended by several administrative and academic personnel from the International Islamic University, including the head of the International Institute for the Unity of Muslims and hundreds of students from different nationalities.

The exhibition lasted for two days and witnessed a notable interaction from the participants. They asked several questions about the connotations of the presented photos, how the female prisoners live inside those inhuman prisons, and what kinds of suffering they face every day.

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