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The Role of the Palestinian Women in Resisting the Israeli Occupation between 1884-2006

May 15, 2022 09:14 am

Ibrahim Saqir AL-zaeem (A Ph.D. in Islamic civilization from the University of Malaya and director of Palm Strategic Initiative Centre)

The Palestinian women have taken part in all phases of revolution due to their beliefs that they are as valuable as the men. They believe that they can succeed in the field of resistance just as they managed to succeed in the other life aspects. 
This study aims to highlight the military, political and popular resistance which the Palestinian women adopted to resist the Zionist project and confront the Israeli occupation, recognize the female leaders in those phases, and identify the tools of resistance.
The researcher follows the historical approach, and addresses three main claims: Resistance between 1884 – 1948, Resistance between 1967 – 1986, and Resistance between 1987 – 2006. 
The study concludes that the Palestinian women started their resistance against the Jewish presence in Palestinian at the end of the 19th century. Besides, their role in resisting the occupation has ranged between social, advocacy, political and military work. 

Keywords: Palestinian Women, Resistance, Israeli Occupation.

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