2022 is the Most Costly for the Israeli Occupation since 2005

Nov 16, 2022 01:33 pm

Israeli security sources announced on Tuesday morning that a Palestinian resistant had stabbed and run over a number of occupation soldiers and settlers in the northern Salfit governorate settlement of Ariel in the northern West Bank. The same sources announced that the operation had been carried out by 19-year-old Mohammed Morad Sauf, and had resulted in 3 settlers dead and 4 settlers wounded, while the perpetrator was martyred after being shot dead by occupying soldiers. According to Israeli Army Radio, "In 2022, the number of Israelis killed rose to 29, the highest since 2005."

Palestinian parties in Gaza Strip, headed by Hamas and Islamic jihad, have declared their blessing and support for the operation. They called it heroic and recalled that it is a natural consequence of the response to the occupation and its violations against the Palestinian people. Osama Hamdan, Hamas leader, asserted that the operation had an important message at an important time in which the Israeli Government was radically increasing. and affirming the Palestinian people's right to resist under the continued Israeli occupation.

On the Israeli side, occupation leaders have called for the expansion of the security measures against resistance and expansion of operations to include the resistance Gaza Strip because it is the main support of resistance in the West Bank financially and logistically. The most notable of which was the right¸ extremist, Bezalel Smotrich's statement of that "All of those operations must be stopped and to move from defense to attack." Also, that was demanded by Yossi Dagan, Chairman of the Northern Bank Settlements Council, and a security official also stated that it was imperative to review the policy and working methods towards resistance in Gaza." He also added that "the increase in attacks is not only the result of incitement, but also the result of funding for money and weapons from Gaza."

Reading and Analysis of the Ccene
• Israeli security statistics indicate that 2022 is the most costly for the Israeli occupation in 17 years. 29 Israeli soldiers and settlers have been killed to date as a result of resistance operations, while the number remains favorable to increase within about a month and a half remaining until the end of the year.
• Resistance in the West Bank is a constant and renewed one, and the resistance -whether individual or collective- have the capacity to recover and overcome Israeli efforts to combat it. 
• Acts of resistance in West Bank cities constitute an inspiring case to stimulate and reinvigorate resistance there. According to a report by the National Security Research Institute this week, "Lions' Den” group and the "Jenin Battalion" have remained a "combat heritage" that young Palestinians attempt to imitate in different areas of the West Bank.

Situation assessment: Based on the above analysis and scenario reading, the scenarios expected are:
1. The continuing evolution and regulation of the resistance in the occupied West Bank and its continuing divergence between the modality of units, structured formations and individual actions. This scenario reinforces the continued evolution of resistance tools, methods and tactics in the West Bank in a more painful and costly manner, and the failure of the occupation to control resistance there.

2. The decline in resistance operations in the occupied West Bank in the light of Israel's continued considerable efforts to combat and end the resistance and pressure on its popular incubator. This scenario reinforces the magnitude of the alert and Israeli attack and the amount of incitement by right-wing circles and occupying leaders.

Generally, all scenarios remain present, with a considerable preference for the first scenario in the light of the boiling situation, the revolution in the occupied West Bank, the persistence of Israeli crimes and the situation of extremism, which constitute a major cause and impetus for continued resistance acts as a means of responding to Israeli crimes and violations.