Two Books by Two Prisoners Come to Light from Inside the Prisons

Sep 01, 2023 05:55 pm
Photo from archive

Despite the strict security of the prisons' administration, two books written by Palestinian detainees in Israeli occupation jails came to light.

At the Rashad Shawa Cultural Center in Gaza City on Tuesday, a signing ceremony was organized to launch two books by two Palestinian prisoners, the first entitled "The Duality of Resistance and Authority in the Field" by Laili Abu Rajeila and Amjad Abedi. The second book is a novel entitled "A Night in Hell" by Laili Abu Rajeela.

In a leaked prison speech for the prisoner Amjad Abedi, he said: "The idea of the book stemmed from what the two prisoner researchers experienced in prison during the interaction between the Prisoners National Movement on authority and resistance and their usefulness in the field. Note on the fact that the entitlements of authority are different from those of resistance."

According to prisoner Laili Abu Regaila, who stated in a speech that was leaked from Damon Prison, "A Night in Hell novel reviews images of retaliation and malevolence practiced by the Israeli jailers on the Palestinian prisoners in Gilboa Prison after the Tunnel of Freedom Operation, two years ago." He also added, "The novel documents events and attitudes for the prisoners' suffering by writing a record story."

The two books were printed with funding provided by the PALM Strategic Initiatives Centre. Ibrahim El-Zaeem, the center's director, highlighted that the books' release represented a victory for all prisoners as well as the two prisoners who wrote the books.

El-Zaeem added that this year is the Year of Prisoners for the center. For this reason, he initiated providing finance for the release of the two books. This comes in conjunction with Malaysia's 66th anniversary of independence. He also pledged to support other publications for prisoners.

It's worth noting that Laili Abu Regaila, a prisoner from the Ramallah town of Atara, was arrested in 2006 and sentenced to life and three years in jail. He is also the father of two children. Also, Amjad Abedi, a prisoner from Jenin, was detained six times, the latest time in 2003, and was given 23 sentences to life and 50 years. He is also the father of three children.